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Cnlight Ballshape H4 35W 4300K


Cnlight HID Lamp

1. Our HID lamp offers color temperature of 3000K to 12000K, which is available in light blue, dark blue, turquoise, orange, green, purple, pink, and more. 
2. The lamp is made of superior materials imported from overseas. For example, we use anti-UV quartz glass tube from Germany, metal halide from the US, as well as electrode from Australia, to ensure superiority of our products. 
3. According to ECE R.99 (Economic Commission for Europe), the distance between electrodes is set 4.2mm, which complies with international standards and is also our patent advantage. 
4. There is less than 40% light decay even after it has been used for 2,250 hours. 
5. CNLIGHT HID lamp comes with round bubble design, which helps ensure thermal stability and extended lifetime. In addition, the lumen output is increased by 5%, and the glare, reduced by 14%.

The HID lamp with 3,000K golden light offers extremely high brightness, and is mainly used for auto lighting when there is rain or fog. 
The HID lamp can be used for standard 4,300K, yellow-tinged white, auto lighting, which has high color rendering and luminous flux and can alleviate fatigue after long time driving. 
The 5,000K (all white light) is the maximum color temperature according to European standards. 
The HID lamp with 6,000K gives out bright bluish white light. 
With color temperature of 8,000K, the lamp comes with blue white light. 
As the lamp with color temperature higher than 8,000K provides very low light intensity, it is often used for cool play.

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  • Model: H4 Hi/Low
  • Manufacturer: Cnlight Lighting

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